Supply Chain Management

Our range of clients include Schools, Baby care centers, Nutritional Hospitals, Supermarkets, Organizations, Ministries and Government Agencies

Corporate Social Responsibility

Sesaco engages several personalities, organizations and embassies into discussing about the benefits of CSR, the results have been appealing...

Distribution Network & Supply

Our products can be accessed in all parts of East Africa and neighboring countries of Rwanda, Burundi and the D.R.C


Market Research & Analysis

We have done a lot of research about Soy, its use and market in Africa. We certainly know how much of good use it is to the human body.

Supplier Relationship Tracking

Sesaco supplies its products to different parts of Uganda and we supply to all of our neighboring countries including Rwanda & Burundi.

Research & Training

Sesaco trains and also works together with international partners to partake in seminars, workshops and conferences to boost their skills and production in food processing.

Who we are!

Engaging our collaboration with you will lead us to re- examine a number ChiefEssays.Net of things at our production plant, where much improvement is still to take place especially maintaining the over 70 jobs and creating more jobs.

Again we hope to gain bigger mileage with you exposing us to more potential opportunities. We want to humbly ask you to take a minute through the next pages of this website and see some of the activity photos of SESACO’s involvement into the nutrition world as well as challenges that need to be addressed once again. We want to thank you for choosing to know something about us, we will also continue to thank our partners WISHH/ASA under USDA, PSFU, USSIA, UMA, UIA for the different demo speech topics technical assistance and guidance which have enabled us to be much better than yesterday.

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