Street Kitchen

This majorly involves public with hands on Sessions on how to use soy for both economic and health reasons. Soy delivers Quality Global Nutrition as reported by WISHH

Practical Demonstrations

We do practical demonstrations on on how apply soy in baked products like chapats, soy meat in pastries like samosas , preparation of soy meat for stew and soy milk production.

School feeding

This is done in selected schools around the country With a purpose of ensuring quality nutrition at an affordable cost, equipping schools with new understanding and strategies in dealing with nutrition issues while using soy foods to help meet protein and other nutrition needs this will help address the challenge of lack of quality protein foods on school menus.

Living Goods

We take pride in pattering with Living goods and manufacturing healthy nutritional products on its behalf. Living Goods' goal is to build a distribution platform for products designed to fight poverty and disease in the developing world