24 Jan 2017

School feeding

School feeding

This is done in selected schools around the country With a purpose of ensuring quality nutrition at an affordable cost, equipping schools with new understanding and strategies in dealing with nutrition issues while using soy foods to help meet protein and other nutrition needs this will help address the challenge of lack of quality protein foods on school menus.

2 thoughts on “School feeding

  1. Dear
    Sir this is to say i watched your presentation on Top TV yesterday and liked the product of Sesaco because of the many benefits the presenter talked about. Kindly send me more details about how to make milk and meat from soya beans.
    Thank you so much,
    Yours, Ronald Musiba.
    0779899937 or 0700136448

  2. Thank you Ronald for watching the presentation on Top TV,about details on how to make milk and meat from soya we only do that on Television,Radio,public gatherings,School feeding programs at Schools and lastly at the Factory.

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